Professional Placement

We identify the right candidate with not only the required technical
capabilities but also the soft skills to fit into your
company culture and team dynamics.

Our professional placement provides Executive Search & IT Specialist Recruitment

Today’s workforce comprises of a blended talent pool between the young and experienced; between the new and dated. Herein lies the struggle many organizations are facing. How do I attract, how do I manage and how do I retain? Our team works closely with you in formulating and evaluating each candidate to ensure that they have the right attitude and aptitude – as well as experience and education – to be a leader in your company.
We offer 2 models:

Permanent Placement

Contract Placement

In RMJ Consulting we do more than just recruiting, we aspire to be your talent advisors.

Professional Placement

Our Focused Areas
Our Focused Areas


Cyber Security

Project Management

Software Development


Enterprise Architecture

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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